Para-Soy wax melts for scenting your home.  Many different scents to choose from!  These wax melts have excellent "throw" (strength of scent and how long the scent lasts).  I test them each out and have found that even the same day as they were made they have good throw!  Each package has a "pour" date on them so you'll know that 2 weeks past that date is the best time to start using them.


Use the drop down menu to choose the fragrance you want.


I use phalate free fragrance oils and essential oils for scenting.  As in all my products they are ALL "cruelty free", nothing has been tested on animals.  I am very careful with the suppliers I purchase from and each of them have listed they are "cruelty free and purchase only from cruelty free companies".


**CAUTION:  Please use the wax melts in an approved ELECTRIC wax melt warmer only.  Use extra caution when children are in the home....melted wax is HOT.

Para-Soy Wax Melts-Seasonal Favorites



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