Tobacco Leaf and Amber.  A sexy, spicy scent that both men and those "spicy ladies" love.  This is such an amazing fragrance.   It has top notes of lemon, dried apricot, and mandarin leaf, followed by middle notes of warm cardamom, sugared orchid, and water locus; all sitting on base notes of Cuban tobacco, amber, and brushed sandalwood.  I have included a picture of the bar today.  When you have a fragrance oil that contains amber and vanilla it naturally darkens with time.  A chemical can be added to your soap batter to combat this darkening but I choose not to add it to my soap.  So, it does darken.  People often think a "dark" bar of soap produced dark doesn't, they are nice and white!  Big bar at 6o (170g)


Ingredients: Distilled water, coconut oil, lard, olive oil, palm oil, sodium hydroxide, shea butter, fragrance oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, glycerin, white kaolin clay, Tussah Silk, colorant, mica, Batch #09/23/21

Tobacco Leaf and Amber

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