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Magnesium Oil. While not really an "oil" proper it feels like one because the Magnesium Chloride percentage is so high. While I cannot make any medical claims about this product I will tell you to do some simple research on your own to see it's properties. Magnesium Oil is elemental and when sprayed on your skin is absorbed quickly. It can leave a slight residue on your skin much like swimming in the ocean and having the water dry on your skin in the sun.


If you have never used Magnesium Oil before I suggest you start with a weaker strength...30% and go up from there to the suggested use of 50% Magnesium Chloride. For me it's been amazing. Simply shake and spray on the area you wish to target, muscles, stress tension area's, bottom of your feet etc.  If you would like an essential oil added, such as Lavender, please make note of it on your order.  There is no extra charge for scenting the Magnesium Oil (it has no scent by itself).


Ingredients:  Distilled Water, Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium Oil - 50%



Shipping costs vary a great deal with soap and other products you will find here.  We will refund ANY overages in shipping charges.  At times we may send your item a different way but it will always be the least expensive unless you choose Priority shipping.  Sometimes it's less expensive to ship Priority than First Class.  Know we will do the best we can to keep shipping charges low.  Thank you!

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