Detangling spray for your hair!  This is SO good.  This is made with plant based ingredients that are not harmful to you or our environment (and a very small amount of preservative).  Who would of thought that Daikon Seed Oil (from radishes) would replace chemical silicone!  It adds a gentle slip to your hair and really helps get that comb through and you can feel good using it.  Actually, I use it on my two 4 legged girls after their bath!  This does NOT leave your hair "oily" at all and leaves behind a clean scent of sweet orange.  4 oz bottle - SHAKE WELL WITH EACH USE.


Orange Citrus Detangling Spray contains the following ingredients:  Distilled water, Daikon Seed Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, "Odor Neutralizer" (which is derived from castor oil), Zinc ricinoleate, a preservative (necessary due to the water content) and essential oil



Hair Detangler- Orange Citrus



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