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"I have issues."  And so do these bars of great soap!  Some turned out an "off" color to what was anticipated, some got so hard in the bowl before pouring that the desired design never came to fruition.  Some are just, well, ugly!  Maybe the fragrance oil turned the soap dark due to the vanillin content in it.   And in the case of "Angel" (not) I had put pretty dried Hibiscus on top and it turned brown!  But....they are the exact same recipe I use for all my batches of soap, they smell wonderful and perform just like the other bars.  They just aren't up to the aesthetic I was looking for.  So, pick one or two up, adopt them at a great price and still enjoy a creamy and great lathering bar of Sunrise Bay Soap!  Take your pick from the drop down menu.  Currently "Should of been Pastels", "Plumeria", "Hyacinth", and "Angel 3.25 (92g)" are available.   5oz (141g)


Ingredients:  Distilled water, coconut oil, lard, palm oil, sodium hydroxide, shea butter, fragrance oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, white kaolin clay, organic collodial oats, colorant, Tussa silk,  some may contain mica (eco friendly glitter) which washes off with first use.



"Dud Suds"



Shipping costs vary a great deal with soap and other products you will find here.  We will refund ANY overages in shipping charges.  At times we may send your item a different way but it will always be the least expensive unless you choose Priority shipping.  Sometimes it's less expensive to ship Priority than First Class.  Know we will do the best we can to keep shipping charges low.  Thank you!

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